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Customers with EGR, FAP or Turbo problems? We can fix them in an hour!

Carbon Cleaners & DPF Cleaners Oxyhtech

Nowadays we find more and more customers who come to our workshops with EGR, Particulate Filter or Turbo Problems. In the following article we detail the most frequent problems and how to equip your workshop to be able to solve them through the process of decarbonization or cleaning of particle filters.
In one hour, with Oxyhtech machines, we can solve these costly breakdowns in just 1 hour and at a much cheaper price for the customer. This allows for numerous daily treatments in order to achieve maximum profitability.

The EGR valve is an anti-pollution device that can be found in both diesel and gasoline engines, and that has the mission of reintroducing part of the exhaust gases into the intake in order to reduce emissions. The biggest problem that we find is in diesel engines that have breakdowns due to the carbon generated by driving at low revs or regularly taking short trips. A fault in the EGR can sometimes be solved with a cleaning (between € 100 and € 300) but, many other times, if it is very clogged, it is necessary to replace it with a new one (the price varies depending on the model but, in general, they can suppose about 400 € to the client plus the labor).

More and more customers come to workshops complaining about breakdowns and problems caused by particle filters. The DPF, or particulate filter, is a filter installed in the exhaust system that serves to burn the particles that engines generate to prevent contamination. The problem occurs when regenerations cannot be carried out in optimal circumstances and an obstruction occurs that causes the check engine warning light to jump. At this point, we have the option of replacing the filter (usually more than € 400) or trying to force a regeneration.

The turbo in our vehicles is the supercharging system that helps compress the air that circulates to the engine. What this system does is send more oxygen to mix with a greater amount of fuel in order to increase the amount of combustion and, therefore, an increase in power. Many times we have clients who have different turbo problems and, depending on what fault we have in front of us, the price of the fix can range from € 100 to more than € 600 if we are talking about a new turbo.

Our carbon cleaning machines, thanks to being the equipment with the highest production in the entire national and international market, achieve the elimination of 100% of the carbon accumulated in the engine and avoid damage to the EGR, the DPF and the Turbo without having to disassemble or one piece of the vehicle. With this treatment, we achieve a reduction in smoke and emissions, the cleaning of the DPF and the recovery of power.

On the other hand, with the DPF Cleaner machines we achieve the elimination of 100% of the carbon and ash deposited in the DPF.

As we anticipated, in a very short time, with the appropriate equipment, we can solve these breakdowns at a very competitive cost for the customer and very profitable for the workshop.

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