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The most profitable DPF Cleaner machine for your workshop!

Oxyhtech DPF Cleaner

Discover the results you can achieve with the most profitable filter cleaning machine for your workshop. Our Oxyhtech filter cleaning machines ensure to remove 100% of the accumulated dirt in any FAP / DPF particulate filter.

There are two different models, the Maxi model and the Maxi+ model. First of all, the Maxi model is designed for filters for cars or vans. In the case of the DPF Cleaner Maxi + model, both car and van filter cleaning and commercial vehicle filters can be carried out.

The usage procedure is very simple; First, the particulate filter is soaked with our specially designed concentrated cleaner.

Our concentrated cleaner was exclusively designed for the particulate filter cleaning process and is made in Germany. In addition, it has the TUV certificate, thus achieving the best results in terms of cleaning, always without damaging the filters.

After having the filter soaked for between 30 and 60 minutes, we coupled the filter to the machine and selected the cycle that we wanted. The machine works by pulses of water and air that are automatically programmed once the filter is attached. The process is totally automatic.

In addition, it allows us to do a pressure test both before and after the process to see the results. Below are some of the different options that can be seen on the screen:

Once the process is finished, the results can be clearly seen, managing to eliminate accumulated dirt and guaranteeing 100% cleaning of the particle filters.

Despite the fact that we launched this new model of machines a very short time ago and taking into account the current situation, the reception on the market has been a complete success and a large number of machines have been installed both nationally and internationally. We leave you below some photos of different facilities:

Finally, if you still have doubts, here you can see a video where you can see how it works and check the results:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or prices on +34 622 592 388 or at info@oxyhtech.com.

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